Hi, my name is Alicia Rubanenko aka The Invisible Photographer.


I am a Sydney based lifestyle/documentary and portrait photographer. ​I am using a documentary-style approach to sessions in which I strive to capture your family very naturally and organically. I specialize in candid children's and family portraiture. I am all about candid. I love to capture the authentic moments, the innocence of childhood, the beauty of parenthood and/or family. I believe  that when children are free to express themselves naturally, the result is an honest and timeless collection of images that truly represents your family and all that is unique and wonderful about them. 

I am also a mum and have always been passionate about photography, but the birth of my child prompted me to pursue photography further.

Hire me to capture the (extra)ordinary beauty of your life. My camera is always ready for moments that matter. By hiring me I will give you those raw and true moments. I will freeze the genuine emotions, capture the mood and create memories you will cherish forever.

Why candid photography?

A candid photo has a lot to tell. It tells a story and shows the true emotions of the time it was captured. I believe a candid photograph preserves the meaningful moments of our lives beyond forced smiles. I believe that you, as a parent, will highly treasure those images portraying your children's childhood as it really was. Therefore I do very little posing, but if necessary, I will guide you to ensure I capture the beauty of you and your family.

About Me